Develop an idea into a product or service!
All in one weekend

Do you have an idea for a product or service that is better than what is already out there? Curious about product development?

Startup Weekend Haugesund is where you'll learn to think, work, and build like a startup — from an idea to a product or service - all in one weekend.
What is Startup Weekend?
Learn how to think, work, and build like a startup in 54 thrilling hours. Techstars Startup Weekend is an exciting and immersive foray into the world of startups. Over an action-packed three days, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders and sponsors to show you how to get more done faster — and, maybe even start that business.
Who is Startup Weekend for?
The Startup Weekend is suitable for ANYONE who are enthusiastic or even just curious about business and Startups, regardless of your background and experience. This event requires NO spesific knowledge. Your life experiene is enough!
Note.You don’t have to have your own idea to participate.
Time of the event: 20 - 22 October 2023 (Friday - Sunday)
Location of the event: Høyskolen på Vestlandet (HVL), Haugesund Bjørnsonsgate 45, 5528 Haugesund

Where Enthusiasts come Together to Share Ideas,
Form teams, Build Products and Launch Startups

Startup Weekend winners 2022

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Dogdays AS

Last year the winner of Startup Weekend Haugesund was DogDays. The idea was presentet thrugh the pitch session in the start of the program by Per Ejnar Thomsen. DogDays are about creating a platform for dogbreeders, dogowners and potensial dog owner. Happy dog life! The team worked well together an took home the victory. Dogdays is now in its first phase of getting the product out to custumers. Check them out at

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Present an idea

We kick off the weekend with 1-minute pitches on back-of-the-napkin ideas you’ve been thinking on. Ideas are voted on and teams are formed. If you don't have an idea you'll be able to join up on an existing one.

17:00 Dinner and networking
19:00 Pitching start
20:45 Start working


Validate the problem

Spend the rest of the weekend validating the problem, building a solution, and creating a business plan. We’ll teach you how to do all of this in our workshops.

09:00 Continue working
14:00 Mentor sessions
19:30 Team check-ins


Pitch your startup

Present your new startup with a Shark Tank style pitch to a panel of judges. The winners get a sweet prize package to help them grow their business.

09:00 Pitch preparations
17:00 Final pitches
18:30 Dinner & judging

About us

Techstars_ Startup Weekend Haugesund is a part of The Techstars worldwide network, that helps entrepreneurs succeed.

This Event is organized by Gründerloftet with the Help of a Amazing Sponsors and Volunteers.

If you have any Question, please contact us:

Jarle Salhus Eriksen